Multi-State Living Tips for Pet Owners

Multi-State Living Tips for Pet Owners

Maintaining homes in two different states can be complicated, especially if your family includes pets. It’s important to take steps to accommodate your pets’ needs when you live in multiple states.

Traveling Options for Pets

Interstate travel with pets should be handled carefully to minimize stress or injury. Research different options and discuss possible accommodations with your veterinarian before you travel. For instance, experts recommend that certain breeds of cats and dogs with shorter nasal passages avoid air travel. If your pet is small, you may be able to travel with your cat or dog in the cabin. Make sure your pet is immunized and invest in a proper carrier before your departure. You can also consider alternate transportation options, such as traveling by ship. Some ships allow pets in guests’ cabins, while others have kennels on board.

Supplies for Multiple Homes

When you own multiple residences, you need to keep them adequately supplied. You can purchase nonperishable and frozen food items to ensure you don’t waste food. For entertainment, consider using online streaming services instead of paying for cable in both homes. Finally, leaving essentials like cleaning products, clothing, and toiletries in each house can simplify travel.

You can also keep pet supplies on hand in both locations. If you own a cat, storing a litter box and litter in each home is essential. Food and water bowls, leashes, and grooming supplies should be readily available, too. Don’t forget toys, including scratching posts for cats and chew toys for dogs, which can help prevent boredom and inappropriate behavior in pets. You can read online reviews to help choose items or ask a veterinarian for recommendations. Veterinarians are a great resource when shopping for safe and healthy pet supplies, and you should look for websites that feature professional product reviews.

Seeking Veterinary Care

To keep your pet in good health, acquire medications that prevent flea and tick infections, as well as a pet first aid kit containing bandages, alcohol wipes, and gauze. Finding a good pet sitter can help you keep your pet safe, too. It’s also a good idea to have access to veterinary care in both states where you live. For instance, if you split your time between Hawaii and California, take time to find a reliable vet in each state. You should consider taking your pet in for a check-up after settling in. Pet insurance makes covering veterinary costs easier. To save money, compare the prices of various providers and research how policies differ by state. For example, it may be more affordable to set up a pet insurance policy in California in the long run. Review your options and consider providers’ reputations when making your selection.

Maintaining Your Budget

Maintaining two residences can put a strain on your budget. You have to pay for utilities and upkeep on both houses in addition to the cost of buying a second house. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help manage your finances when you own multiple homes. If you drive in both states, consider registering your cars in the state in which you can obtain more affordable insurance. Health insurance access differs depending on your age and employment status. However, similar to pet insurance, you should consider policies in each state to find the best, most affordable care.

With some extra planning, which should include setting up travel arrangements, purchasing well-review supplies, and looking for breath insurance options for you and your pet, you can maintain your two homes for yourself and your pets. Now, kick back and start enjoying the benefits of multi-state living.

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Guest blogger: Katie Conroy