Moving Across the Country? Here’s How to Best Prepare

Moving Across the Country? Here’s How to Best Prepare

Moving is always a stressful event, but moving across the country is especially daunting for most people. The best way to make your move easier is to plan everything well before your moving date so that you don’t need to scramble at the last minute. Below are five tips to help you prepare for your big move.

1. Get Your Career Move Dialed In 

Moving across the country without a new job lined up is a recipe for disaster. Nothing makes a move more stressful than needing to start a job search while you’re trying to settle into your new home and get used to a new area. Get your job and finances in order before moving; your blood pressure will thank you.

2. Find the Right Mover

The right mover can make a complicated, stressful move much easier, so don’t overlook their importance. Some moving companies specialize in long-distance moves, and working with one of the best cross country movers will make a huge difference, reducing your stress levels and allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move.

3. Ditch What You Don’t Use or Need

One of the most difficult parts of moving for many people is downsizing their possessions. When confronted with moving rates and your new home’s storage space, you may realize that you simply have too much stuff. You don’t need to transition to a minimalist lifestyle, but tossing what you don’t use can reduce moving costs and make it easier to manage your relocation.

4. Decide How to Organize

Staying organized throughout your move is essential, so don’t be afraid to dedicate a sizable amount of time to planning. You should start practicing good organization from the beginning, as it’s nearly impossible to insert a new organizational scheme once you start the move.

Labeling boxes is one of the best ways to keep track of what you’ll need when you get to your new home. Consider using labels like “open immediately on arrival” rather than “kitchen stuff.” Most people won’t need their fancy pasta maker on the first night in a new home but probably want to know where their coffee maker is.

5. Update Your Address

As your moving date gets closer, you need to update your address and other personal information. Don’t forget to set up utilities at your new place before you get there, and make sure to notify your bank so they can update your information in their system. Nothing puts a damper on a new home like no heat and locked finances. You can do all of these things in one day, and most people do it about one week before moving.

Guest blogger: Kara Griffin