Homes for Sale in Central Oahu, HI

The Central region of Oahu can be divided into Mililani/Wahiawa and Pearl City (Aiea, Halawa, and Pearlridge). Because of its location, homes in this area can be convenient to get to Town and other parts of the island.

Mililani is a master planned community located halfway up the H2 freeway towards the North Shore. The layout is quite organized, especially in the newer areas. Mililani can be broken down into old and new Mililani, which means the newer parts are generally nicer. Wahiawa, on the other hand, can be a bit run down in areas, but there are some nice areas as well. Homes here can have larger yards, which is nice for those with pets. There is also a large military population in this area because of Schofield Army Barracks located nearby.

The Pearl City and Aiea area can be a good alternative to Town, since housing prices tend to be less expensive here. Homes here are close to Pearl Harbor, which means homes up on Halawa Heights or Aiea Heights can have a nice view of the harbor. Some homes in this area can be older, but some of these are being renovated. The largest mall in the area is Pearlridge, and Aloha Stadium is nearby.

Listings of Available Homes for Sale in Central Oahu, HI

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