Finalize Your Loan


Your lender needs to receive:

  • Copy of executed Purchase Contract (I will provide this.)
  • MLS printout for the listing (I will provide this.)
  • Public Record information (I will provide this.)
  • Documents pertinent to loan application (You will provide these.)

Your Lender will order the appraisal. 

Your Lender will prepare a new Good Faith Estimate of your settlement charges.

IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt to change lenders from the company which issued your commitment letter without fully discussing it with me. Changing lenders at this point creates the very real possibility of not being able to meet your closing date, defaulting on your financing and/or placing your deposit in jeopardy. Using an Internet-based lender is problematic. I cannot help facilitate the process when a client uses an Internet lender and service is poor. I highly recommend the use of a local lender. This is especially important in Hawaii, since there are issues that are unique to Hawaii that a mainland lender may not be aware of. The time zone difference can be difficult as well. 

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