Condo Selling Tips during COVID-19

Condo Selling Tips during COVID-19

Guest post by Katie Conroy

Selling today looks different than just 12 months ago. Instead of freely inviting people into your homes and condos, we’ve become a more health-conscious society. If you are looking for ways to put your property on the market without compromising your family’s safety, keep reading. From making good use of technology to working with Duc Ong, here are some insights to help you get the job done and make your move.

Safety In Technology

While nobody is enjoying the pandemic, home sellers do have an edge. We’ve all become acclimated to technology — meaning buyers won’t think twice about using the internet to look at your home before scheduling an appointment to pay a visit. This means that your virtual showings and photos are more important today than ever.

If you plan on allowing virtual walk-throughs, make sure your internet connection — specifically your Wi-Fi service – will allow them to do so without glitching. While broadband is best, this may not be feasible in all areas. Check your download speed and add signal extenders to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

Prepare For Showings

Whether virtually or in-person, you still have to prepare your condo for showings. This starts with evaluating the space. You’ll want to ensure that you can showcase your home’s very best features. This should include open rooms, a fireplace, or a chef’s kitchen. Keep in mind that clutter is one of your biggest enemies when it’s time to present your property. Excessive trinkets, trash, and other items just lying around look bad in photos and during video tours.

Spend a few days clearing out unneeded items, and then clean your home from top to bottom. Before each showing, pay careful attention to high-touch surfaces, which include interior and exterior door handles and bathroom faucets.

As realtors or potential home buyers enter the property, ensure they are greeted with hand sanitizer and, if you would like to be extra cautious, free face masks. One thing you may wish to avoid is the ubiquitous tray of cookies so often found in the kitchen of homes being sold. While this is still a thoughtful touch, allowing multiple people to touch food — as is the case with scheduled showings — may increase the risk of transmission. The Mayo Clinic points out that the risk of contamination through food containers and packaging is very low, so it may be best to offer individual treats instead of fresh-baked goods.


Most experts agree that the coronavirus is most often transmitted through the air. This means that no matter how often you clean and sanitize your home’s surfaces, particles from an ill individual may linger for hours to days. You can reduce this hazard by ensuring your home is properly ventilated. Open windows during showings and make sure to change your air filter frequently. The American Lung Association points out many other ways to ventilate your home properly, including testing for radon and reducing moisture.

Although we remain in the grips of a global pandemic, there is never a wrong time to sell your home. And when you live in an area like Honolulu where real estate is a luxury and condos are always in demand, you can’t go wrong putting a for sale sign on the door. But you do have to keep yourself safe, and the above tips, including offering virtual tours and increasing the airflow throughout your condo, can help you do it. Contact Duc Ong for a free home valuation and get the process of selling your home or condo started. Call 808-278-0285 today.