4 Helpful Tips When Moving to a New Home While Launching a Successful Business

4 Helpful Tips When Moving to a New Home While Launching a Successful Business

Whether your passions are art and creating, manual labor or something in between, turning your skills into a home-based business is both a challenging and rewarding process. Some people find while putting in all this hard work that their homes or apartments are not sufficient for both living and managing a company. If you need to move to a new residence in order to successfully run your business, these tips from Duc Ong, Kaka’ako’s Condo Expert, can help you navigate the changes ahead.

1. Employ a Personal Assistant

Hire a personal assistant to help you on a short-term basis while you split your time between working and moving. After your move is complete, you may even find it is beneficial to have an assistant by your side full-time. Either way, your aide can help by taking on some responsibilities during this chaotic time.

A personal assistant can assist with work-related items such as responding to emails, handling incoming calls and organizing your calendar. He or she can also assist with personal tasks, such as running errands, helping pack or doing other household chores.

While training someone else on your professional duties, you may find additional schooling can be valuable for managing your new business. A master’s of business administration degree can teach you vital strategies for running a company, and surveys show many top CEOs have this degree. Topics may include risk management, financial tactics and organization methods. Many schools offer online MBA programs, so you can conveniently take classes from home.

2. Communicate With Vendors and Customers

Even with an assistant by your side, your responses to professional colleagues may be interrupted thanks to the many tasks you have to complete during the moving process. If you have vendors or customers you are working with, update them on your situation if you think your communications could be impacted. You should always try to respond in a timely manner, but if you may take longer than usual, simply let them know you are in the process of moving and may be slightly delayed in your response time. 

3. Have a Dedicated Workspace

When researching new houses, one of the most important factors to consider is having a dedicated workspace. If you plan to oversee your business from home, it is difficult to keep everything organized when managing your company from the kitchen table. Plus, if you live with any other adults or kids, you need a quiet place to work. 

Make sure your real estate agent knows that you need a secluded place to run your business. This could be a spare bedroom or simply a larger master bedroom so you can set up an office space in the corner. 

4. Check Network Availability

If you are looking to move to a highly populated area, chances are your network signal will be strong. However, even in these areas, certain rooms of the house may have worse signals than other rooms.

If you are considering moving outside city limits or somewhere less populated, definitely check the network signal on your cell phone and research internet providers for the area before buying. When operating your company from home, you cannot afford to have calls drop or the internet going out multiple times a day. 

Moving and launching a business are both stressful situations in and of themselves, let alone when you are doing them at the same time. However, taking proactive steps both before and during the transitions can help decrease this stress and leave you well-equipped to run a successful company out of your new home. 

Working with an expert agent will ease a huge burden from your shoulders during this process. Whether you’re buying or selling a condo (or doing both at once!), contact Duc Ong for your real estate needs.

Guest blogger: Suzie Wilson